Fifth Wind Cavalry

A Fifth Wind member

The Order of the Fifth Wind was a small mobile Otokodate who operated on close to absolute secrecy. [1]

Origin Edit

Their origins were unknown, but some believed they had existed for centuries, even since the Dawn of the Empire itself. They were devoted to the study of tactics and strategy, with no consideration of morality. [1]

Masters Edit

There were always five Masters of the order. They believed that war was an art which could be mastered for those who do not care for human's concerns. They recorded of the tactics employed by the Clans over the course of the Empire's history. [1]

History Edit

Hida Otoya was a former member of the unit and the Crab Clan used them since he joined he Great Clan. [2] Aoyama was his representative to the Legion of Two Thousand. [3]

Known school Edit

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