Please note: This article is about the place located north of Otosan Uchi. For other uses of the term, please see Fields of the Dead (disambiguation).
Fields of the Dead

Fields of the Dead

The Fields of the Dead (SH4) was an old graveyard, filled to capacity, concealed among the craggy cliffs on an uninhabitable region of coastline was located north of Otosan Uchi. It was created before the Imperial edict mandating cremation as the means of disposing of human remains. There were none to pay homage to the shrines there, as the entire graveyard was filled with the bodies of those washed upon shore, victims of pirates and shipwrecks. [1]

Spider Clan Edit

Fields of the Dead 3

Fields of the Dead (SH4)

Daigotsu made a holding in this place for the called Spider Clan. It became a center for the Chuda family to perfect their necromantic arts. [1]

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