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Festival of the Wandering Hero

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The Festival of the Wandering Hero was celebrated on the 5th day of the Month of the Rooster at Mura sano Eiyu ni Suru. The most promising young samurai warrior from the local noble families was dressed up like the statue of the hero Ikoma Teidei. Another samurai volunteered to dress in black armor and carried a broken sword to play the part of the assassin of Teidei's Lord, whom "Teidei" chased throughout the town. Others gathered around, dressed in kenku costumes, making wild cawing noises to emulate the influence of Tedei's sensei. The spectacle ended when the assassin run ahead of Teidei and stopped with his back to the great statue in front of the Shrine of Duty, who slumped to the ground, "killed" by the vengeful glare of Ikoma Teidei. [1]


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