The Festival of the Sea Dragon was celebrated primarily in coastal regions, [1] during the migration of the Sea Dragon, a small fish that bore a resemblance to dragons. [2]

Suitengu Edit

Every year for a brief few days the sea dragons, considered omens of good fortune, migrated along the Rokugani coast. They were also a delicacy, but were taken from the sea very sparingly to avoid drawing the ire of Suitengu, the Fortune of the Sea. It was during the Festival when those who reaped his bounty offered their thanks for his benevolence, that Suitengu offered his infrequent blessings upon mortals. [2]

Founding Edit

The Crane Clan created in 1170 this festival, as announced by the Crane Clan Champion Doji Domotai in the previous winter court. [3]


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