The Festival of the Moon's Wrath was a winter festival. While the ground was laden with snow Rokugan celebrated the Moon in one day and two nights of complete silence. At sunset on the 7th day of the Month of the Rat, the people of Rokugan ceased talking, and did not say another word until sunrise on the 9th day. This was done to appease the Moon and attempted to avoid his wrath for the coming year. Anyone who spoke during this time was believed to draw the attention of Onnotangu. [1]

Lady Moon Edit

The Festival of the Moon’s Wrath began in the earliest days of the Empire, and had survived to modern times. [2] After Lord Moon was destroyed and replaced by the ascended mortal, mercurial and temperamental Hitomi, the nature of this festival changed little. [3] When Hitomi finally gave way to the Obsidian Dragon, the dark and sinful nature of that being likewise drew both awe and appeasement from the people of Rokugan. [4]


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