Fatina was a shugenja and jackal of the Spider Clan. She had been known by other names. [1]

Mad Edit

Fatina's mind wandered in and out of sanity, making her an unstable and dangerous companion. [2]

Ghul Lord Edit

Fatina was a skilled Ghul Lord, a silent but powerful commander. She generally let her ghuls do her fighting, staying far back to command their assault. The ghuls under her command seemed to be more intelligent than average, capable of more complex strategy than normal creatures of their type. [3]

Leaving the Burning Sands Edit

The leader of the Jackals, the Monkey Man, had fled time ago Medinaat al-Salaam and the Burning Sands and entered into Rokugan. Master Saleh and Fatina followed him, even when Saleh did not see the point. Fatina told the Destroying One, their enemy, came from the place they were. They should arrive the Emerald Empire, a land where breed killers of gods. [2]

Fatina feared Kali-Ma, but she feared more Daigotsu. She believed the Dark Lord would be the only one who could stop the destroyer. Daigotsu was not a god, but a man, so could therefore be reasoned with. Fatina devised to show she was worthy to Daigotsu. [1]

Daigotsu's advisor Edit

Fatina and Saleh were well treated by Daigotsu, but kept apart of the Spider, without contact, nearly imprisoned in the Fingers of Bone. When in 1171 the Destroyer War erupted Kali-Ma's wrath was unleashed, and her fury was fueled by the greatest and darkest victory the world had ever known, Fu Leng replacement as the Champion of Jigoku by the Destroyer One. Fatina expected when Daigotsu realized the true nature of Kali-Ma then Saleh and her would stand among his closest advisors. [4]

Saleh disappearance Edit

In 1172 Saleh it was believed disappeared during a battle in the Crab lands along with an undisclosed number of Destroyers who were seemingly spirited away without conflict. [5] It seemed that Saleh had shifted his loyalties. Fatina was visited by Shahai, Daigotsu's wife. After a talk the Jackal living chambers were improved. [1]

External Links Edit

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Fatina commanding ghuls in Rokugan


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