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Fan of Command 
Fan of Command
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Akodo
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

The Fan of Command was a nemuranai used by many different people in the centuries. [1]

Found Edit

The gunsen was found in the Seikitsu sano Yama no Oi by a merchant. It was made of brilliant red lacquered steel and had forever painted on it. It had passed through many hands, mostly ronin, and was believed to have been a possession of the Kami Akodo. The fan granted its user magical tactical advantages, and was last seen in Dragon lands. [2] It was given to Akodo Toturi by the Dragon Clan Champion Togashi Yokuni when he was leading Toturi's Army. [3]

Appearance Edit

The Fan of Command appeared a gunsen made of steel and overlaid with dark red lacquer. Fifteen branches, built like small dark spears, cut the lacquered steel of the fan. The fan granted a keen tactical mind to its wielder. [4]

Known Wielders Edit

External Links Edit

Fan of Command 2

Fan of Command


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