The Falling Blossom was a tea house at Road's End Village, one of its larger structures, and was one of the only two buildings inside the village aside from peasant huts. [1]

Henshin Edit

The tea house was the headquarters for the Asako Henshin who lived there. They could meditate and enjoy the village's tranquility, for few peasants could visit a teahouse during the day when they should be working the fields. [1]

Henshin Exposed Edit

Since the henshin's exposure in 1126, [2] the Isawa took the house for their use, being the upper floor filled entirely by the offices and chambers of the Isawa magistrate within the village. The returned spirit Isawa Ijime, one of the great Heroes of Rokugan, was known to spend time here enjoying the same serenity that the Asako so valued until she was murdered by Gusai. In 1159 Isawa Sayuri was the only resident of the Isawa offices. [1]


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