The Fallen was the term used to describe those who had fallen to the madness [1] exerted by the mad dragon P'an Ku [2] during the Heretic War. [3]

Abilities Edit

Those who were of lower honor were more prone to be blessed by the mad dragon, but anyone could have their minds distorted by its power. The Fallen performed crimes with incredible violence, as they were granted supernatural stamina. [4] They first begin to make more selfish and questionable decisions, became increasingly prone to violence and spectacularly bad choices, and ultimately they became raving lunatics. [5]

Treatment Edit

In the early stages, the madness could be halted by assisting the afflicted in coming to the realization of the external influence. Once the madness truly took hold, there was nothing that could reverse it. [5]

Enemies Edit

The Fudo cult attacked and killed anyone they suspected might have succumbed to the influx of P'an Ku. [5]


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