Battle of the Burning Wall 
Battle of the Burning Wall
Kaiu Kabe
Major Forces:
Crab, Unicorn, Lion
Hida Kuon,
Akodo Shigetoshi,
Rakshasa General
Battles of Rokugan

The Fall of the Wall was the first battle of the Destroyer's Horde at Rokugan.

Preambles Edit

Oni attacking the Kaiu Wall

Oni attacking the Wall

In 1171 a huge wave of Oni and other Shadowlands creatures attacked the Kaiu Wall, seeking to flee from something more dangerous deep in the Shadowlands. [1] The assault was relentless as it seemed like the entire Shadowlands had emptied in the attack. [2] The Crab asked aid to keep safe the Wall and the Lion Clan Champion Akodo Shigetoshi joined the defenders alongside with the Utaku Daimyo Utaku Yu-Pan. [3] The Shadowlands assaults took a heavy toll on the Crab forces. [4]

Destroyer's Horde attack Edit

Bolstered by the Unicorn and Lion reinforcements, the samurai were able to hold the Wall. However, this was just a prelude to the real battle to come as just behind the Oni hordes were the armies of the Destroyer, fresh and ready for battle, led by a tiger-like demon, the Rakshasa General. The Crab Clan Champion confronted him in a personal duel, but he could not match the shapeshifting abilities and supernatural powers of the Rakshasa. Kaiu Taru interceded and convinced Kuon to leave. Taru exposed a jade and gunpowder cache and dropped a torch into it, detonating a large section of the Wall and wounded the Rakshasa. [5]

Aftermath Edit

The Destroyers overwhelmed the exhausted samurai and breached the wall, letting hordes of Destroyers pour into Rokugan. [5]

Known casualties Edit


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