Fall of Shutai
Location: Shutai
Date: month of the Monkey, 1192 [1]
Major Forces: Phoenix Clan,
Scorpion Clan
Generals: Isawa Taiken
Battles of Rokugan

The Fall of Shutai was the Phoenix show of strength in Scorpion territory during the War of the Twins. The village was razed to the ground. [1]

Shutai Edit

Shutai was located in the southernmost reaches of the Scorpion provinces, one of the most notable hotbeds of ronin, and more specifically bandit, activity anywhere in Rokugan. Its magistrates were either incompetent, quickly corrupted, or killed outright shortly after their arrival. Despite it, the village had been rebuilt following its virtual destruction during the Destroyer War, so the Phoenix believed that something of value to the Scorpion was found there. [1]

Orders Edit

Shutai was a soft target, which was ordered to eradicate completely, bloodying the Scorpion and teaching them how it feels to be in the reciving end of tactics they delight in employing. In 1191, Kyuden Agasha had been destroyed using ninja sabotage, so the Phoenix had decided to retaliate in similar way. [1]

Destruction Edit

Isawa Taiken led one hundred men, predominantly members of the Legion of Flame commnaded by Shiba Kataken, but more than a few members of the Firestorm Legion, counted among the most destructive shugenja among the Phoenix Clan. They moved from the east, crossing the lands of their Crane allies, and apporached as a merchant caravan that came from the south, near the Twilight Mountains, bordering the Yasuki lands. The attack was one of the few occasions in which they were permitted to unleash their true power. [1]


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