Fall of Shiro Tamori
Location: Shiro Tamori
Date: 1171
Major Forces: Dragon Clan,
Army of Fire
Generals: Tamori Shimura
Battles of Rokugan

In the Fall of Shiro Tamori the ancient home of the Tamori family was sacrificed to destroy the yobanjin invaders who had stormed it.

Preambles Edit

In the Battle of Shiro Mirumoto the Army of Fire found heavy defence and circumvent the castle, heading south toward Shiro Tamori. The castle was lightly defended, most of his defenders had been sent to other places endangered by the raider patrols. [1]

Siege Edit

The defenders were Tamori Shugenja who mastered Fire and Earth magic. The yobanjin was granted protection against fire by their master, the Dark Oracle of Fire, and the Yobanjin magic afforded them some degree of protection against earth as well. Words came that Hida Benjiro had sent cavalry reinforcements from Shiro Kitsuki, but the aid would not arrive in time. [1]

Destruction Edit

The Tamori Daimyo Tamori Shimura decided to abandon the castle and made a trap with it. When the bulk of the attackers were within the Tamori opened a tunnel in the volcano over the level of the castle. Shiro Tamori was encased in molten lava destroying the Yobanjin forces within, preventing them from using it as a staging ground for further attacks on the Dragon. [1]


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