Fall of Shiro Kitsuki
Location: Shiro Kitsuki
Date: month of the Goat, 1132
Major Forces: Dragon
Brotherhood of Shinsei
Generals: Qamar
Battles of Rokugan

During the Siege of Sleeping Mountain the naga pressed their advance into Dragon lands allied with monks of the Brotherhood of Shinsei and former Togashi Ise zumi and attacking Shiro Kitsuki.

Battle Edit

Despite the efforts of Hoshi to surrender the castle without a fight, the Dragon garrison sallied forth with Mirumoto and Kikage Zumi forces while the Kitsuke escaped. The Naga engaged the Dragon mercilessly under the horrified gaze of Hoshi and his fellows.

Aftermath Edit

The Brotherhood withdrew from the Naga-Hoshi alliance, unable to participate in this bloodbath.


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