Fall of Kyuden Isawa
Location: Kyuden Isawa
Date: 1171
Major Forces: Phoenix,
Army of Fire
Generals: Council of Five
Battles of Rokugan

The Fall of Kyuden Isawa was a major loss during the War of Dark Fire.

Preambles Edit

In 1171 the yobanjin Army of Fire stormed the Castle of the Faithful Bride in a rapid attack and moved ahead toward Kyuden Isawa. [1]

Battle Edit

The infantry engaged one another, and wyrm raiders began dropping large stones, to be turned away by the Master of Fire Isawa Ochiai. The Yobanjin Shamans blackened the walls of ancient Kyuden Isawa with their corrupt fire. [1] Two of the Elemental Masters were wounded and fight inside the palace began. The Council decided to abandon it and Isawa Emori, Master of Earth, was forced to collapse Kyuden Isawa upon the invaders as it had eventually sucumbed to the overwhelming numbers of the Army of Fire. [2]

Known casualties Edit


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