Fall of Kyuden Ikoma 
Otemi is wounded
Location: Kyuden Ikoma
Date: 1168, month of the Ox
Major Forces: unicorn,
Generals: Moto Chagatai,
Matsu Yoshino,
Ikoma Otemi
Battles of Rokugan

Chagatai's Ambition Edit

In the winter of 1168-1169 the Unicorn Clan Champion Moto Chagatai assaulted the Lion Clan in an attempt to get through to the Imperial City and take the Imperial Throne, the Khan's Defiance. Initially the Unicorn breached three border posts and sacked Shiranai Toshi. [1]

Battle at Kyuden Ikoma Edit

Arrival of Yoshino Edit

The fierce weather acted in the Unicorn's favor, as such a movement of troops was completely unexpected by the Lion. Lion Clan Champion Matsu Yoshino and Ikoma Otemi led the Lion's efforts in repelling the force, arriving at Kyuden Ikoma just two days before Chagatai's forces. The castle had only a token assortment of troops led by Ikoma Chikao, most of whom had been reassigned elsewhere due to the Unicorn's earlier probing attacks months ago, and the Lion were outnumbered nearly two to one. [1]

Assault of the Gates Edit

It took only little more than an hour for Kyuden Ikoma's gates to be breached and the Khol began flooding the courtyards. Unknown to the Unicorn Otemi had hidden himself and fifty men in peasant homes near the Kyuden and were lying in wait for the Khan and his personal retinue to arrive with the intent to attack the Baraunghar shugenja and hopefully disrupt whatever spells were aiding Chagatai. [1]

Lion attack to Command Post Edit

Otemi and his men struck out, trying to kill as many shugenja and Khol guards as possible. Before the element of surprise was lost the Lion had managed to kill over seventy five Unicorn. The tide turned, and most of the Lion were killed. Otemi himself was gravely injured by Chagatai, who fired three arrows into the Lion. [1]

Ordered Retreat Edit

Otemi's life was just barely saved thanks to Yoshino's forces collapsing the castle gate and striking out at the command unit. The Lion were able to regroup at Bishamon Seido. [1]

Aftermath Edit

The Ikoma Elite Guardian defending the castle were slaughterd to the last man. [2] The Khan torched the castle and took all the supplies his army could carry. [3]


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