Fall of Kyuden Hida 
Kyuden Hida 2
Kyuden Hida
Twenty-sixth Day of the Month of the Serpent, 1172
Major Forces:
Crab Clan,
Hida Rokurota
Battles of Rokugan

The Fall of Kyuden Hida was the first time the Crab capital was seized by enemy forces in its history.

Preambles Edit

The castle had been attacked by the Destroyers in the opening phase of the Destroyer War, during the Siege of Kyuden Hida. The rokugani combined forces had defeated this attack. [1] The gaijin demons bypassed it, and Kyuden Hida was isolated from the Empire. The rest of the forces departed and the Crab remained as their alone defenders. Their orders were to campaign against the flank of the Destroyer forces. [2]

Siege Edit

In 1172 in the first day of the Month of the Serpent news arrived that Nishiyama Mura had been overrun and the enemy was advancing toward the castle from the north. A living-catapult arrived the eighth day, which after it was positioned in two days work began to throw Plague Zombies into Kyuden Hida. A second catapult arrived later. The defenders diminished their ranks, and eventually sent an attack to destroy the siege engines, but the Hiruma were slaughtered by a unit of the rare animal-headed Destroyers. [2]

Fall Edit

In the Twenty-sixth Day of the Month of the Serpent the Hida Castle gates had fallen and a steady stream of Destroyers flowed in. The castle burnt wildly. [2] The remaining Crab in the garrison fought to the last, dying one by one. [3]

Known casualties Edit


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