Fall of Kyuden Doji
Location: Doji Castle
Date: Month of the Ox of 1127
Major Forces: Crane Clan, Phoenix Clan, Lion Clan, Shadowlands
Generals: Doji Yosai, Daidoji Uji, Shiba Tsukune, Matsu Tsuko, Matsu Agetoki, False Hoturi
Battles of Rokugan

Fall of Kyuden Doji happened in 1127 during the Clan War.

Preambles Edit

After an alliance with the Unicorn the Lion pressed deep inside Crane lands to chase Toturi. The Unicorn in return would obtain the lands seized in the campaign. [1]

Lion Attack Edit

The small garrison of Doji Yosai protected the Doji Castle, [2] augmented by the Phoenix army of Shiba Tsukune. A Lion army led by Matsu Agetoki under the command of Matsu Tsuko besieged them. [3] In one skirmish Tsukune defeated Matsu Gohei. [4] The defenders were able to hold out for three days. The Lion army was forced to retreat by orders from Emperor himself. [3]

False Hoturi Edit

Fall of Kyuden Doji

Hoturi returning with an army of Shadowlands Madmen

They saw the Crane Clan Champion Doji Hoturi returning with an army of Shadowlands Madmen. The leader was the False Hoturi instead, marching with his army against Kyuden Doji. The Lion watched, inactive, how Hoturi fouled the defenders, who opened the gates. The Shadowlands army decimated the dwindling forces of the Crane. Tsukune fled with Daidoji Uji leading an untrained army of the Cranes [3] [5] including Doji Hoturi's brother, Doji Kuwanan. [6] [7]


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