Fall of Kyuden Bayushi 
Fall of Kyuden Bayushi
Location: Kyuden Bayushi
Date: 1200
Major Forces: Lion Clan,
Scorpion Clan
Generals: Akodo Dairuko,
Bayushi Nitoshi
Battles of Rokugan

The Fall of Kyuden Bayushi was the retaliation of the Lion Clan for the previous defeats and insuls suffered at the hands of the Scorpion Clan.

Preambles Edit

The Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Nitoshi took an unhealthy interest in Akodo Dairuko, the Lion Clan Champion, and attempted to see how the Lion functioned while Dairuko was in the Colonies. [1] Lion and Scorpion incidents escalated, and war was petitioned. The Kitsu Tombs were attacked by surprise. [2] Lion forces sent into Scorpion territory were engaged by oni, after the Scorpion let the demons to breach the Scorpion Wall. [3] After their defeat at the Second Pit the Lion were routed from Shamate Pass. [4]

Lion Army Approaches Edit

Dairuko advances toward Kyuden Bayushi

Dairuko advances toward Kyuden Bayushi

Dairuko swore to raze Kyuden Bayushi and kill Nitoshi with her own katana. [5] A Lion army was assembled, commanded by the Lion Champion herself, [6] and its advance systematically dismantled the Scorpion's defenders. [7]

Outcome Edit

The Lion army relentlessly advanced in the Scorpion lands, despite the Scorpion opposition. [8] Nitoshi ordered to torch Kyuden Bayushi, denying Dairuko the satisfaction to do it herself. [9]

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