Fall of Kyuden Asako
Location: Kyuden Asako
Date: month of the Dog, 1132
Major Forces: Mantis,
Generals: Yoritomo,
Shiba Tsukune
Battles of Rokugan

Yoritomo had been pursued by Doji Kuwanan through the Scorpion lands and the Mantis was threaten by a possible two-front war if the Phoenix joined their Crane allies. The Son of Storms marched from the Beiden Pass to Phoenix territory, and began the Mantis Invasion of the Phoenix lands.

Famine Edit

The famine was rampant in Rokugan in 1132. [1] Yoritomo requested Shiba Tsukune to surrender Kyuden Asako and the Mantis in return would bring food. [2]

Battle Edit

Tsukune rejected the proposal and the Mantis quickly seized Kyuden Asako. Tsukune had to retreat to Isawa provinces. Yoritomo brought forth supplies to be divided amongst the people. [2]


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