Fall of Kyuden Agasha 
Fall of Kyuden Agasha
Location: Kyuden Agasha
Date: month of the Tiger, 1191
Major Forces: Scorpion Clan, Phoenix Clan
Generals: Yogo Haruto
Battles of Rokugan

The Fall of Kyuden Agasha was engineered by commander Yogo Haruto, who had been ordered by his Lord Bayushi Nitoshi to bleed one of the families of the Phoenix Clan during the War of the Twins. [1]

Sabotage Edit

The Scorpion forces reached Kyuden Agasha in 1191, just before the five-days Festival of Leaves began. The Scorpion rested, and in the fifth day the explosives deployed by ninja, as Shosuro Hawado, were set to fire. With the gates destroyed and the defenders in disarray, the city was quickly overrun by the fresh Scorpion forces. [1]


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