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A falcon

Toritaka, or Falcons, [1] were small raptors that were often trained as hunting birds, capitalizing on their instincts as predatory birds. [2]

Falconry Edit


A falcon

They were a symbol of devotion and courage in service. Falconry was common practice in Rokugan, and it was believed that Crab Clan Champion Hida Osano-Wo was the first falconer in history. He would often be depicted with his falcon, Gekido. [3] A trained Toritaka Bushi used his falcon to scout the lands around him, the bird
communicated with the bushi in ways none could fathom. [4]

Some falcons were trained to deliver messages, [5] or to strike at a foe's eyes. [1]

The Senpet also developed the falconry. [6]

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Falcon Messengers

A Falcon Messenger

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