RPG Information Edit

Failure of Bushido (Disadvantage, Varies, 1 additional point for Ninja) [Mental]

Characters with the Failure of Bushido disadvantage feel foreign to one or more tenets of the Bushido. [1]

  • Compassion (3 Points): Characters dislike to act on behalf of someone of lower Status or social caste.
  • Courage (4 Points): Characters fear to face an opponent of higher Glory or Status, or to face a Shadowlands opponent.
  • Courtesy (4 Points): Character dislike to apologize and are prone to give offense.
  • Duty (6 Points): Character's wounds quickly make them to withdraw.
  • Honesty (3 Points): Characters have difficulty to show Honesty in their deeds and words.
  • Honor (3 Points): Characters suffer Intimidation or Temptation with ease.
  • Sincerity (4 Points): Characters have difficulties to convince someone of what they are saying.

Characters Known to Have this Disadvantage Edit


  1. Legend of the Five Rings; Fourth Edition, p. 159

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