Otaku Isas was a man who lied about Bayushi Tomaru, but only survived the insult because he fled beyond the borders of Rokugan before Tomaru could kill him. [1] Isas later returned as the bandit known as Fade.

Training Edit

Isas went to the Shinjo Bushi school. [2]

Fall from Grace Edit

Some time before the Scorpion Coup and the Siege of Shiro Usagi, Tomaru publicly humiliated him. Isas demanded a duel, but on the day of the duel, he fell ill. Convinced he had been poisoned by Tomaru, he asked for a postponement, and was granted one, though he became a laughingstock as a result. Before the second duel, he was meticulously careful about his food and drink, but he still fell ill. Isas refused to duel in his disadvantaged state and fled. [2]

Notorious Bandit Edit

Isas later became known as Fade, the most dangerous bandit in the Ryoko Owari Toshi area. Fade was a fine tactician and became adept at gaining and keeping the loyalty of his followers. He began to rob Tax Collectors gaining the support of the farm villagers. He had one close supporter within the samurai class; his cousin Otaku Genshi. [2]

Crimes Edit

In 1120 he captured a silk caravan, intercepted a gold shipment in the Road Once Hidden, and seized the tax collection of a Scorpion village. In 1121 Fade assaulted a merchant caravan at night in pitch blackness, ambushed a group of Scorpion shugenja, killing two of them and forcing the leader to commit seppuku, and suffered a defeat while one of his henchmen was captured, ambushed a Tax Collector heavily guarded, and destroyed an opium barge using a catapult and several fishing boats. [3]

Crossing the line Edit

In 1122 he eventually captured a weapon convoy, and grew in a major menace, [4] he was considered the leader of armed insurrection. Ryoko Owari's Emerald Magistrate Kakita Naritoki requested the Emerald Champion Doji Satsume to send an Imperial Legion to destroy Fade. Surprisingly the city's governor Shosuro Hyobu spoked against and the legion was denied. [5]

Opium War Edit

This year Genshi asked Fade to begin several attacks on the opium Bayushi cartel, and Fade willingly accepted. Fade seized a Bayushi shipment from Necessary Village dressed up in stolen Thunder Guard armor for the assault. It was part of the beginning of the Opium War. [6] He later burned the opium fields of the Shosuro cartel, and they fought the real Thunder Guard, which was on watch duty there. [7]

See also Edit

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Fade ambushing Scorpion forces


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