Defenders of Nanashi

Eyes of Nanashi

The Eyes of Nanashi were a local otokodate in Nanashi Mura who regulated all local affairs under the direction of a village headman and the appointed Dragon magistrate. With the assistance of a band of sohei from the Temple of Ebisu they also policed the village. [1] The Eyes were supported via a special fund collected weekly from the major businesses in Nanashi Mura. [2]

Dojo Edit

Nanashi Dojo of the Eyes of Nanashi was a converted temple and even the monks who used to meditate there had thrown in their resources with the Eyes. The sensei of the dojo resided here alongside the monks who found it a perfect place to spread the teachings of Shinsei. The Eyes were fiercely loyal, and only those who understood honor and attempted to follow its path were allowed within the walls of the dojo. [3]

Training Edit

The Eyes only trained those who were interested in upholding the tenets of Bushido and the way of the Emperor's law. Any ronin who expected it to be an easy place to sleep were quickly turned away. Beside swordplay teaching was also focused on the Tao and the finer points of law. [3]

Allies Edit

The group has strong connections with both the Lion and Dragon Clans as well as many other ronin organizations. A ronin of the Eyes was forbidden to offer his services to any enemies of these clans, and must offer his services to all Lion or Dragon samurai at a discount. [4] The Eyes were sent forth to bring ronin bandits and fugitives to justice. [2] A small group had formed in the years since the Eyes were formed, and they called themselves the Voice of Nanashi, [5] but were known to the world as the Master of Games. They increased the profits of gambling houses, sportsman contests, and all other manner of diversions that were so popular among ronin. [6]

History Edit

Toturi's Army Edit

In 1127 the Eyes of Nanashi infiltrated Toturi's Army, with plans to assassinate Toturi should he ever be corrupted by his power. [7] Satisfied that Toturi had the best interests of the Empire in mind, they willingly joined Toturi the Black, and its leader Takuan was granted the liutenant rank in his army. A group of Akodo ronin led by Utsuei left the Nanashi in disgust, blaming Toturi for their disgrace. [8]

New Leader Edit

It was known that Masamune, a former member of the Kaeru family, was the leader of the Eyes in 1170. [9]

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