Exile's Watchtower

Exile's Watchtower (U3)

The Exile's Road Watchtower (U3) in the Haisho province [1] overlooked Exile's Road. It was high stone tower from which could see for miles around. [2]

Patrols Edit

A legion of Shinjo Horsebowmen patroled the road, accompanying those who walked into exile ensuring [2] that those who were sent along it did not return unnoticed. [3] They were also charged to patrol the area to make sure that no gaijin force approached Rokugan. The Shinjo Horsebowmen who guarded Exile's Road were attached to the Khol. [2]

The Thirty-Seventh Junghar Legion reinforced the Shinjo and they would take their place if the Horsebowmen were reassigned during conflicts. [2]

War of Dark Fire Edit

In 1170 during the War of Dark Fire the tower suffered a suicidal attack of minions of Chosai, the Dark Oracle of Fire. One of the men exploded in the base tower, damaging it, but the rest were killed by the sentries before they could destroy the construction. [4]

Known Commanders Edit


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