Exalted Ugu 
Exalted Ugu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1133

The Exalted Ugu was a goblin shugenja and shaman.

Appearance and Demeanor Edit

Ugu was a tall, gangly goblin with a flattened nose and beady eyes. [1] One of the more intelligent goblins, he was selfish, corrupt and greedy, refusing to answer to anything except his ‘title’ and often created new titles on the spot, to represent his greater stature after some minor deed. [2]

Spells Edit

Ugu was able to cast a little maho, as well as a unique spell which could transform goblins into mutated mounts (and back). [1]

Shiro Hiruma Edit

Exalted Ugu 2

Exalted Ugu

Sneaking Edit

Ugu and his followers managed to catch a Crab bushi, Kaiu Shinya, who was wandering alone in the Shadowlands. Their first idea was to make a meal of him, but Shinya bargained to save his life. The bushi led Ugu and his pack to the ruins of Hiruma Castle and helped them find a secret passage into it. The goblins surprised and killed the nezumi who lived there. Shinya escaped in the confusion. [3]

Gobling holding Edit

In 1123 the Exalted Ugu was the leader of the goblins living in the ruins of Shiro Hiruma. His lieutenant was a goblin named Big Stick, who was tasked with keeping the goblins in the castle in line. There were also two ogres names Mug and Mug who worked for Ugu. [4] Ugu took up residency in the room that had once belonged to the Hiruma Daimyo, and used the skeletons of Usagi Nidei and his Crab lover to summon ghosts in his defense. [5]

Hare Clan Sword Edit

Somehow Ugu came into possession of the Hare Clan Sword, which had been lost in the Shadowlands for a couple of centuries. [1] The blade was recovered by Usagi Ozaki shortly before the Siege of Shiro Usagi. [6]

Seeking Nemuranai Edit

The Exalted Ugu was eager to seize more spells and nemuranai, so he sought a mean to get them. The Goblin Warmonger Orschat wished to elevate himself above his kin, and Ugu made a deal with him. He would cast spells to make Orschat impervious in battle if the goblin leader would bring him spells and magical artifacts from those he killed. Orschat began to carve his legend as a brave warrior to the point of being suicidal, always returning unharmed. [7]

Death Edit

When Kuni Yori was defeated and his army wiped out, both Orschat and Ugu were slain. [7]

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