Please note: This article is about the gaijin ambassador to the Mantis Clan. For other uses of the term, please see Esteban Cornejo (disambiguation).
Esteban Cornejo (I) 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 12th century 
Children: Alhundro Cornejo
Rodrigo Cornejo

Esteban Cornejo was a Merenae master of the art of explosives.

Family in Merenae Edit

Esteban was the father of Alhundro Cornejo. [1]

Marooned in Rokugan Edit

Esteban had been marooned in a land called Rokugan. In 1096 a hurricane wracked the ship and only two survivors escaped, Esteban and his six-year-old son Cornejo. They were taken in by the Mantis Clan and Esteban proved his worth producing medicines, adhesives for use in shipbuilding, and even the occasional barrel of illegal polvora. [2] The Mantis Clan Champion, Yoshitsune, granted him refuge in the Islands of Spice and Silk, serving as a saboteur in the clan's mercenary endeavors. [1]

Death Edit

Esteban had a romantic affair with Iuchi Maiko, the wife of a Unicorn ambassador. Esteban dishonored Maiko then took her husband's life in a duel. Fearing the repercussions for his Mantis hosts, Esteban flung himself from the cliffs of Kyuden Gotei. [1]

Family in Rokugan Edit

Maiko had a son from Esteban after his dead, Rodrigo Cornejo. [1]


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