Espada Cornejo was a native from Merenae. He was the creater of the flintlock gun and modern polvora. This discovery gained great prominence in Merenae and elsewhere for the Cornejo family. [1]

Developing Flintlocks Edit

Espada Cornejo was inspired by tubes of unusual chemicals, designed to release colorful, controlled explosions when released. He had obtained these from an Ivory Kingdoms trader, who had in turn acquired them in distant Medinaat al-Salaam. This Mekhem trader had acquired them from a band of Yobanjin thieves, who stole them from a caravan of Agasha Shugenja traveling to Togashi Mountain to perform a display of hanabi for the Dragon Clan Champion. Cornejo's scientific mind immediately saw the flaws in the crude Rokugani explosives which he quickly corrected to create the first musket. [1]


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