Born: Unknown 
Died: 1133

The Eshru was a Darkness Naga Slayer [1] who joined in the fight on the Second Day of Thunder. [2]

Naga fights the Dragon Edit

Later he participated in the Siege of Sleeping Mountain. [3]

News from Kyuden Hitomi Edit

The Eshru was informed by Hoshi Maseru about what the monk saw inside Kyuden Hitomi. A tainted Hitomi sat on her ivory throne, in front of a bloody mirror. A crystal prison with a Shadow inside, a man with no face. This information strenghtened the Naga attack on Kyuden Hitomi. [4]

The Foul Edit

Eshru 2


In 1132 the Eshru saw how Hida Yakamo was restored to life through the sacrifice of Shashakar. Yakamo told the Naga about the Shadows and where the Foul really lied. The Constrictor priests took the Balash, rode his mind and became one with his soul to see what had happened at his journey in the Morikage Castle, where he was instrumental in the freedom of the Emperor Toturi I. The Balash whispered one name, Goju Adorai. This ancient man believed dead was the leader of the Shadows, and his illusion had been uncovered. [5]

Erasing the Past Edit

With the information collected the Naga was aware that the memory of the past could be erased. With the strength of the dark South, Adorai could destroy the past itself, killing the ancestors who dwelled in the Spirit Realms. [5]

Death Edit

In 1133 Eshru died in the Battle of Oblivion's Gate, and reincarnated in the Akasha. [6]

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