Born: Unknown 
Died: 1200

Enomoto was a ronin void shugenja.

Demeanor Edit

Utagawa noted in her journal that he was a gentle soul that could command terrifying power. [1] Enomoto's kindness was no act. He was truly concerned with the welfare of his new brothers in the Legion of Two Thousand. [2] Enomoto did not join any order of the Brotherhood, because he did not favor temples. However he met other monks, and he was an old associate of Asahina Hira for many years. [3]

Something is coming Edit

In 1172 Enomoto was in a camp near the ruins of Otosan Uchi when a shugenja screamed during the night. She had sensed something it was not there now, but it would be there. They would be here, and the Legion must be able to stop them. [2]

Dark Prophecy and Death Edit

Enomoto writing the Prophecy of Darkness

Enomoto foresees Terrible Revelations

Near the end of the 12th century Enomoto was an aged man who still maintained his vitality. [4] In the year 1200 Enomoto foresaw a dark prophecy with terrible revelations for the future of the Empire. [5] [6] He wrote these dire omens, the Prophecy of Darkness, [7] with his last breath, and died. Enomoto's corpse was found by Toritaka Iabuchi, who kept the writings for himself. [8]

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