Created by: Xing Guo
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Moto Naleesh

Enginoshi was the Celestial Sword of the Unicorn. It was created by the Fortune of Steel, Xing Guo after the Ancestral Swords were scattered across the Celestial Heavens. It was one of the eight blades commissioned by Lord Sun and given to the Clan Champions. [1] [2]

Appearance Edit

The reason that many people assumed the blade in Shiro Shinjo to be Enginoshi and not the sword wielded by the Khan was that Enginoshi was very exotic looking, featuring many gaijin elements in its design. The blade was so curved that it resembled a saber and the tsuba was decorated with fur and inlaid jade. [2] It was kept in a mundane looking saya of wood, had a blade as bright as the purest silver. Its tsuba was a simple round plate that beared no special design or insignia, but it was made of solid gold. Its hilt was longer than the handle of most katana, resembling a unicorn's horn. Of an immaculate white shade, the elongated handle became gradually thinner, ending in a sharp point. [3]

Powers Edit

A warrior using Enginoshi moved twice as fast as he normally would be able. If he was mounted, his horse also moved at double speed. [2] If anyone not of the Unicorn attempted to use the blade against a member of the Clan, the weapon transmited the energy of the strike back at the wielder. [4]

History Edit

Moto Gaheris placed a fine blade on the stand where Hayai, Ancestral Sword of the Unicorn, once rested in Shiro Shinjo. Most falsely assumed that blade to be Eginoshi. Gaheris kept Enginoshi at his side and passed it along to Moto Chagatai when Chagatai became Khan. [2] Gaheris had respectfully refused to wield it, preferring his own sword over even a katana forged in Tengoku. Chagatai also eschewed the use of this weapon. [5]

Known Wielders Edit

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Celestial Sword of the Unicorn

Celestial Sword of the Unicorn

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