Miwaku Kabe

Miwaku Kabe

The Miwaku Kabe, or the Enchanted Wall, was built in haste, not to please the eye, and surrounded the Forbidden City and the four inner districts of Otosan Uchi, the Ekohikei. It would be the inner wall of the city, when an outer wall was built to protect the rest of the districts.

Rebuilding the Wall Edit

Southern Enchanted Wall

Southern Enchanted Wall

In the year 34 the Empire realized the threat posed by the Shadowlands forces during the War Against Fu Leng. Hantei ordered to tear down the Imperial Palace and walls to be rebuild and protected by the Great Clans. The Phoenix were granted the Eastern wall, outside the Kanjo district, the Crane the Southern Wall, outside the Chisei district, the Crab the Western Wall, outside the Karada district, and the Ki-Rin Clan the Nothern Wall, beyond the Hito district. In less than six years the complete wall was finished. [1] The Kitsu Sodan Senzo contacted the ancestors and convinced to protect the Enchanted Wall, so those samurai who would die in the Imperial City's defense would join again the defenders in spirit form. [2]

Magically protected Edit

After the Day of Thunder the forces of Fu Leng were defeated and retreated to the Shadowlands, but a single oni sneaked within the Imperial Palace. It was killed by the Imperial Guard, but not before Hantei was struck by a poisoned claw, which eventually led him to death. The Isawa placed enchantments to protect it so that tragedy would never ocurre again. [3]

Enhancement Edit

The walls were first tested during the Battle of Four Winds. Later, in 271, Crane Clan artisans came to the wall, and after several months the Kakita increased it's beauty, and the shugenja spent the time altering magically the walls. [4] Defensive ramparts were place covering the exterior of the wall, and the sheer ascent was called "Fukorokujin's Death", because any futile attempt of climbing it would end with certain death. The wall was protected by a standing army drawn from the Lion Clan under the command of the Emerald Champion. [5] It was not clear if this duty passed to the Protector of the Imperial City, a position created after the Battle of the White Stag. [6]

Scorpion Coup Edit

In 1123 the wall was seized by the Scorpion Clan during the Scorpion Coup. [7]

Second Day of Thunder Edit

In 1128 the Eastern wall collapsed after the Asahina Shugenja communed with it and told what was happening inside the city, the retrun of Fu Leng in the body of Hantei XXXIX. The North wall was taken after Tetsuya sacrificed himself to unravel Kyojin. In the South Wall Shiba Ujimitsu gave his life to kill the maddened Master of Fire Isawa Tsuke. [8] It was not known if the West wall also fell to the united Great Clans.

Eastern Wall Edit

The Eastern Wall was called Homare, or Glory, and it laid in the border of the Kanjo district. The Isawa placed golden kanji on its surface naming every person who died on it, bonding their spirits. When the wall was assaulted the spirits combated the foe. The wall became a religious icon and temples rose on both sides of it. [9]

Southern Wall Edit

South Wall 1

South Wall

The Southern Wall lay on the border of the Chisei district. Isawa Naigama and his pupils executed several enchantments upon the wall, being consumed in the process and swallowed by the wall. In the Battle of Four Winds an oni force assaulting the wall rntered within the wall itself, whose texture had became shadowy, and they were swallowed by an army of dopplegangers before they crossed to the inner side of the wall. After the battle there were doubts if the oni were destroyed or they were inside the wall. The Asahina became it's guardians, and installed thirteen talismans shaped as mirrors, to watch for evidences of corruption. [10] During the Scorpion Coup, the primary assault of the six clans to recover the Ekohikei was suffered by the southern wall. [11]

Northern Wall Edit

North Wall

North Wall

The Northern Wall lay on the border of the Hito district. The interior of its structure was built with mazes of ambush-ready tunnels, but it was not clear if the wall had been enchanted like the others. During the Battle of Four Winds the defenders were led by Otaku Tozuken. [12]

Western Wall Edit

The Western Wall lay on the border of the Karada district. In the Battle of Four Winds it was attacked by a Oni Lord named Medatsu no Oni and his legions. The Kuni, masters of binding, captured them in the wall. The wall was never freed from the remains of the Shadowlands who attacked it and no one lingered near the wall for very long. [13]

Tainted Edit

In 1132 the enchanment in the Western Wall was crumbled and tainted by the Shadowlands, no longer a defense for the Imperial Palace. They could do it as a aprt of his alliance with the Shadow, who held the control of the Emperor Toturi I and the Imperial City. [14]

Sources Conflict
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The modifications made by the Crane in 271 could not have been done by the Asahina, as they didn't join the Crane until ne next century.


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