Born: Unknown 
Died: 1199

En'you was a prophetic shojo allied with the Mantis Clan.

Residence Edit

En'you was a creature of the Ivory Kingdoms. He resided in a primitive hut carved from an enormous boulder, on a tiny island sitting at the end of a peninsula that jutted out into the sea. [1]

Destroyer War Edit

En'you offered his services to the Mantis for sake and other alcoholic beverages, which he liked tremendously. The rokugani had arrived in 1172 while the Destroyer War was raging in Rokugan. [1]

Helping the Mantis Clan Edit

In 1173 the sea spirit helped Tsuruchi Arishia. For some alcohol Arishi provided, he sent a dream to the Tsuruchi Daimyo Tsuruchi Nobumoto, who was trapped at the Scorpion Silent Village. Nobumoto dreamed an attack to the village from the forces of Kali-Ma and his own death. He took the proper measures to foul the attack, so En'you was instrumental in the defense of the village. [1]

Helping Aranai Edit

After the deal En'you made with Arishia he met secretly with Yoritomo Aranai, an infiltrator from the Spider Clan. For more alcohol, he sent a dream her uncle, Doji Okakura. The Crane was involved in the defence of Kyuden Ashinagabachi and he dreamed not only of his niece, but also that the Destroyers would attack soon and that the battle would be unlike that war would have seen. With the defenders alerted, the Kyuden Ashinagabachi did not fall. [1]

Helping Moshi Kalani Edit

A marine monster was harassing the Mantis fleet, and it even destroyed several ships. The attempts to kill it were wasteful, the monster rendered an aura that became mad to those who saw to it directly. The Mantis leader in the Ruined Kingdoms, Moshi Kalani, visited En'you to ask the way to destroy the creature. The shojo told Kalani he was the only man who would manage to kill it. Eventually the Mantis accomplished it and sent an alcoholic beverage to the spirit in recognition. [2]

Seeing its Own Death Edit

In 1199 En'you knew that his time had come. The creature told the vision of its own death to Kitsuki Minori. [3]

They are very old, and have come back to try and take what they believe is theirs. Though they will be the reason I die, it will not be by their hand.
-En'you [3]
Death of En'you

Death of En'you

Yoritomo Tansen was the murdered. He had arrived to the small, abandoned sake house, driven by an external influence. After he awaken from what it seemed a dream, all that he remembered was the blood on his sword, and the dying voice of En'you, repeating the same phrase over and over again. [3]

All will fall…
-En'you Last Words [3]

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