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Emperor's Sanctuary

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The Emperor's Sanctuary was located in the Imperial Palace of Otosan Uchi and restricted to the Emperor alone. It had been forgotten long ago since Hantei XXVI died before passing its location on to his heir. [1]

Items Stored Edit

  • A near-complete history of the relationship between the Shosuro and the Emperor, linking the Scorpion Clan to hundreds of assassinations, betrayals, and schemes, and hinting at their connection with the Living Shadow.
  • Several gifts from the Unicorn Clan upon their return from distant Empires, including a living scarab beetle encased in amber and an astrolabe forged of perfect crystal.
  • Recorded conversations between early Hantei and Togashi, portending the future of the Empire and beyond.
  • Forbidden discoveries of the Elemental Masters.
  • Maps of Meido written by a long-forgotten Sodan Senzo.


  1. Otosan Uchi:Book 2, p. 91

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