Please note: This article is about the most important Highways of the Empire. For other uses of the term, please see Emperor's Road (disambiguation).
Emperor's Road

Emperor's Road

Emperor's Road was one of the most important Highways of the Empire, which crossed many provinces and connected important strogholds.

In the Crane lands it connected Shiro sano Kakita with the West Hub Village, [1] in the Lion lands connected Shiro Akodo with Ninkatoshi and with Tonfajutsen, [2] in the Phoenix connected Morikage Toshi with Shiro Shiba, [3] in the Scorpion lands connected Nihai Tower with Shiro no Shosuro and Yogo Shiro, [4] in the Unicorn lands connected Yashigi with Shiro Utaku Shojo, [5] and all were connected to Otosan Uchi. [6]

Scorpion Lands Edit

The Shosuro Butei Academy and its city was beside the road. [7]

Otosan Uchi Edit

The road was lined on its end with statues of the current Emperor's predecessors, reaching the Temple to Hantei, a modestly-sized house to which the Hantei Emperors would retreat when they wanted to get away from the Imperial Palace. [8]


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