Emma-O's Amulet 
Emma-O's Amulet
Created by: Emma-O
First used by: Akodo Tadenori
Currently in the possession of: Lion Clan

The Emma-O's Amulet was a netsuke that gave the blessing of Emma-O, the Fortune of Death, to its wielder. All the souls of those killed by the wielder would be conscripted to Meido, regardless of their expected destiny.

Refused Gift Edit

In the month of the Dragon of 1160 [1] Emma-O let Hida Kuroda to regain the control of his corpse over the onisu Kyofu who possesed him. In return he claimed Kuroda to wear the amulet. The power of Emma-O could be greatly empowered with all the souls the undead could send to his realm. After the Fortune left the Crab, Kyofu threw the gift to the ground. Shortly after was seen by Akodo Tadenori who willingly took it, even after being advised of its origins by Emma-o's son, Doji Midoru. [2]

Left Behind Again Edit

In 1165 the Empire was covered by a Rain of Blood and Tadenori became corrupted and joined the ranks of Iuchiban's army. It had helped Tadenori to find some measure of freedom, but he left it in a shrine in the Phoenix lands, to fully join the taint. Shortly after the amulet was recovered by Midoru, who was hunting bloodspeakers. [3] It was returned to the Lion and remained in their custody. [4]

Abilities Edit

Emma-O's amulet brought the serenity and clarity of death to the living mind, protecting it from outside influences. It increased the resistance of the wielders against mind-altering effects, including illicit substances, supernatural abilities, courtier manipulation, spells, and any other similar ability. [4]

Known Wielders Edit

External Links Edit


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