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RPG Information Edit

Mempo of the Emerald Champion

Mempo of the Emerald Champion

Emerald Mempo

The Emerald Mempo is a nemuranai with several very unique ablilites. When worn the wearer may apend a void point to gain the benefits of wearing light armor for a number of rounds equal to their insight rank. This only works however if the wearer is not wearing armor and does not stack with effects of a similar nature. Also, while wearing the mempo, it's user rolls three additional dice on any test requiring his Honor Rank as a statistic. Finally, it grants the user ranks in the Emerald Magistrate Advanced School equal to their Honor Rank (maxiumum 3). This benefit is granted regardless of wether or not the bearer meets that school's pre-requisites.

Major References Edit

  • The Emerald Championship In The RPG [1].

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