Emerald Mempo
Mempo of the Emerald Champion
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Shosuro Jimen

The Emerald Mempo was crafted at the same time as the more famous Emerald Armor, but had been worn very rarely because the Emerald Armor and Champion's blade were sufficient badges of the office. It would usually only be used when the Emerald Champion would take the field of battle. The Mempo was a powerful nemuranai. [1]

Shosuro Jimen Edit

The Emerald Champion of 1169, Shosuro Jimen, became the first to wear the mempo more often than the armor. Even wearing the Champion's blade is subject to occasion, as Jimen relied more upon his yojimbo Bayushi Hisoka. The mask allows Jimen to remind anyone he meets that he is not only the Emerald Champion, but a Scorpion also. In addition he could remove the mask and no-one would know who he really was; a freedom his predecessors never had. [1]

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