Emerald Empire - Third Edition - Cover

Emerald Empire: The Legend Of Five Rings Companion Cover

Emerald Empire: The Legend Of Five Rings Companion was the fourth source book for Third Edition of the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game.

Credits Edit

  • Writing: Shawn Carman, Richard Farrese, Douglas Sun, Brian Yoon. (uncredited: Rusty Priske, Nancy Sauer)
  • Editor: Rob Hobart, Douglas Sun, Julie Zinser.
  • Line Developers: Douglas Sun.
  • Art Director: Ken Carpenter.
  • Graphic Designers: Nate Barnes, Rodney Saenz.
  • Cover Artist: Andrew Hepworth.
  • Interior Artists: Christopher Appel, Steve Argyle, Matthew S. Armstrong, Drew Baker, Beet, Jeff Carlisle, Miguel Coimbra, Edwin David, Adam Denton, Molly Denmark, Thomas Denmark, John Donahue, Randy Elliot, Jason Engle, Al Eremin, Carl Frank, Anthony Francisco, Anthony Grabski, Joachime Gmoser, Andrew Hepworth, David Hudnut, Llyn Hunter, Mike Jackson, Hugh Jamieson, Jaime Jones, Veronica Jones, April Lee, Chuck Lukacs, Michael Kaluta, Michael Kormack, Amandine Labarre, Thomas Manning, Britt Martin, Malcolm McClinton, Tony Moseley, Lee Moyer, William O'Connor, Glen Osterberger, Eric Polak, Jim Pavelec, Mike Raab, Jason Reeves, Karl Richardson, Charles Urbach, Brad Williams.
  • Brand Manager: Todd C. Rowland.
  • Production Manager: Ken Carpenter.
  • Chief Executive Officer: John Zinser.

Contents Edit

Introduction (page 4)Edit

Chapter 1: Geography (page 8)Edit

  • Fiction with Moto Aya
  • Environments and Terrain
  • Mountains
  • Forests
  • Plains
  • Coastline
  • Wildlife
  • Unaligned Lands
  • Risks and Rewards
  • Ruins and Forgotten Places
  • The Shadowlands
  • New Mechanics
    • New Advantages
      • Blessing of the Land
      • Draw Upon the Land
      • Lore of the Land
  • Overview of the Crane Clan
    • Ancestral Kami : Doji
    • Families :
      • Daidoji the Crane primary bushi family and the core of the Crane armies.
      • Doji so talented at court that their names became synonymous of courtly arts and diplomacy.
      • Kakita embodies the soul of the Crane as the most renowned swordsman and artisans of the Empire.
      • Asahina the pacifistic shugenja family of the Crane tracing its root to Isawa Asahina of the Phoenix Clan.
      • Yasuki partly a Crab family of merchants and negotiators.
    • Their Land
    • Their Character
    • Their Legacy and their Place in Rokugan

Chapter 2: Customs (page 34)Edit

Chapter 3: Society (page 62)Edit

Chapter 4: Politics (page 106)Edit

Chapter 5: Commerce & Economics (page 134)Edit

Chapter 6: Law & Order (page 150)Edit

Chapter 7: Religion (page 168)Edit

Chapter 8: Education (page 180)Edit

Chapter 9: War (page 208)Edit

Appendix: People of Rokugan (page 208)Edit

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