Emerald Empire - Fourth Edition - Cover

Emerald Empire: Fourth Edition Cover

Emerald Empire was the fifth source book for Fourth Edition of the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game.

Credits Edit

  • Written by: Shawn Carman, Robert Hobart, Nancy Sauer, Brian Yoon, Richard Farrese, Douglas Sun.
  • Edited by: Rob Hobart, Todd Rowland.
  • Proofreaders: Mike Brodu, Greg Long, Maxime Lemaire, Edward Reynolds, David Whitney, Richard Whitney.
  • Art Director: Todd Rowland.
  • Cover Design: Al Mangold.
  • Layout: Al Mangold.
  • Original Graphic Design: Edge Entertainment.
  • Artists: Christopher Appel, Steve Argyle, Gonzalo Ordonez Arias, Mathew S. Armstrong, Daren Bader, Drew Baker, Jason Behnke, Tom Biondolillo, Leonardo Borazio, Beet, Manuel Calderon, Mike Capprotti, Paul Carrick, Miguel Coimbra, Conceptopolis, Audry Corman, Ed Cox, Edwin David, Molly Denmark, Thomas Denmark, Randy Elliot, Steve Ellis, Jason Engle, Anthony Francisco, Carl Frank, Randy Gallegos, Joachim Gmoser, Anthony Grabski, Troy Graham, Andrew Hepworth, Jeff Himmelman, Quinton Hoover, David Horne, IFS, Paul Prof Herbert, Jonathan Hunt, Llyn Hunter, Hugh Jamieson, Michael Kaluta, Michel Koch, Michael Komarck, Heather Kreiter, Amandine Labarre, Stephanie Law, April Lee, Monika Livingston, Eric Lofgren, Anson Maddocks, Slawomir Maniak, Thomas Manning, Britt Martin, David Martin, Malcolm McClinton, Patrick McEvoy, Peter Mohrbacher, William O’Connor, Glen Osterberger, Jim Pavelec, Ben Peck, Ramon Perez, Eric Polak, Mark Poole, Angga Satriohadi, Erich Schreiner, Chris Seaman, Douglas Shuler, Steve Snyder, Ron Spencer, Beth Trott, Charles Urbach, Luis Vasquez, Diana Vick, Franz Vohwinkel, Byron Wackwitz, Corene Werhane, Mario Wibisono, Matt Wilson, Jarreau Wimberly, Wackwitz & Daily
  • Production Manager: David Lepore.
  • Senior Brand Manager: Todd Rowland.
  • Chief Executive Officer: John Zinser.
  • Head Playtester: Brian Bates
  • Playtesters: Team 1 (Dave Smith, Patrick Chen, Aien Elmi, Jason kang, Ki Chang Kim, Roger Liang, Arthur Nguyen), Team 2 (Lucas Twyman, Lee Masheter, Amanda Martyn, Chad Kirby, Andrew Flynn, Lauren Murray), Team 3 (Kit LaHaise, Catherine Pickett, Bret David Hewes, Francois Martineau), Team 4 (Becca Hobart, Todd Stites, Will Stampley, Kevin Blake, Lewis Fleak, Daniel Briscoe), Team 6 (Dace, Erykah Fasset, Tracy Pinkelton, Daniel Walters, Laura Harvey), Team 7 (Jason Shafer, Nathan Shafer, Matt Strout, Liza Strout, Joe White, Terry “Dingo” Moore, Eric Newlin), Team 8 (Robert Knight, Brebouillet Mathieu, Aaron Rubman, David Whitney, Richard Whitney, Stuart Biggs, Edward Reynolds, Ryan Gossens, Jean-Phillipe Lanfond), Team 10 (Luke Fleman, Joseph Schuster, Andrew Snow, Christopher Myers, Michael Neer, Paul Siebuhr, Ryan Flynn), Team 11 (Cory Mills, Caitlin Mills, Molly Poole, Darren Walters, Lynne Ahlgren, Jeremy Bullens, Albert Koenig), Team 12 (Don Eisele, Kate Adams, Matt Ussary, Janet Bozarth, Nate Hedrick, Mike Shimek, Chester Decker), Team 13 (Howard Hooven, Jen Oney-Hooven, David Farmer, Scott Smith, William Hart, Gentry Trimble, Kevin Witt), Team 14 (Stephanie Dane, Mike Brodu, Greg Krywusha, Bob Martin, Reginald Garth, Ryan Reese, Elliot Smorodinsky, Randy Schneider), Team 15 (Mason Crawford, Allen Cantrell, Julien Vallette, Kristof Parker, April Hamilton, Mark Butler, Luis Fernando de Vasconcelos), Team 17 (Tom Lewis, Jamie Kipp, Gavin O’Hearn, Shawn MacLean, John Taylor)

Contents Edit

Introduction (page 9)Edit

Chapter 1: Geography (page 15)Edit

Bamboo Forest

Bamboo Forest

  • Environments and Terrain
    • Mountains
    • Forests
    • Plains
    • Coastline
  • Wildlife
    • Flora
    • Fauna
  • Unaligned Lands
    • Hazards of the Umprotected Lands
    • Risks and Rewards
    • Ruins and Forgotten Places
  • New Mechanics

Chapter 2: Customs (page 35)Edit

Chapter 3: Social Structure (page 67)Edit



Chapter 4: Politics (page 83)Edit

Bayushi Kindebu

Bayushi Kindebu, a Courtier

Chapter 5: The Arts (page 113)Edit

Heavenly Daisho of the Dragon

Heavenly Daisho of the Dragon

Chapter 6: Money and Commerce (page 127)Edit



  • Money in Rokugan
    • Money and the Bonge : Merchants
    • Money and the Bonge : Peasants
    • Money and the Clergy
    • Trade Routes: Overland
    • Trade Routes: Rivers
    • Trade Routes: Seagoing Trade
    • Agriculture, Mining and Craft
  • Regional Supply and Demand
    • Price, Availability and the Curse of Interesting Times
  • Optional GM Tool: Availability of Goods
  • New Mechanics

Chapter 7: Law & Order (page 149)Edit

Seppun Katsura

Seppun Katsura, Emerald Magistrate

  • A History of Law Enforcement in Rokugan
  • Officials and Organizations
  • The Charter of the Emerald Magistrates
    • Jurisdiction
    • Duties
    • Restrictions
    • Rights
  • Crimes and the Punishment Thereof
    • Dishonorable Conduct
    • Corruption
    • Violence Against Persons
    • Organized Crime
    • Treason
    • Criminals of the Empire: Bandits
    • Criminals of the Empire: Gangs
    • Criminals of the Empire: Pirates
  • GM's Toolbox: Who Are These Outlaws?
  • New Mechanics

Chapter 8: Religion (page 175)Edit

Shrine of the Moon

Shrine of the Moon

Chapter 9: Education (page 211)Edit

Tsuruchi Ki

Tsuruchi Ki

  • Education in Rokugan
    • The Apprentice System and the Dojo System
    • Common Methods of Instruction
    • Academic Studies
  • Educational Institutions
    • The Typical Dojo
    • The Typical Temple
    • The Typical Court School
    • The Typical Artisan Academy
  • Graduation: the Gempukku Ceremony
    • The Wandering Year
    • Ongoing Education
  • GM's Toolbox: Students in Training
    • Dojo Days
  • New Mechanics

Chapter 10: War (page 225)Edit

Mirumoto Ayabe

Mirumoto Ayabe, Commander

  • A Bushi's Role in Rokugan
    • Bushi Duty Posts
  • Military Traditions
  • Military Organization
    • Traditional System of Ranks
    • Traditional Unit Structure
    • Command & Specialized Forces
  • Waging War in Rokugan
    • Logistics
    • Maneuver and Battle
    • Sieges
    • Martial arts in Rokugan
  • GM's Toolbox: Adapting the Mass Combat Rules to Siege Warfare
    • Heroic Opportunities for Siege Battles
  • New Mechanics

Chapter 11: The World Beyond (page 251)Edit

Rakshasa General

A Rakshasa

Appendix One: Glossary (page 262)Edit

Appendix Two: The Way of the Daimyo (page 276)Edit

Naizen and Jimen

Shosuro Jimen, Emerald Champion

Index (page 296)Edit

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