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Embassy of the Crane

Embassy of the Crane at Toshi Ranbo

The Embassy of the Crane at Toshi Ranbo had tall and wide walls, a legacy of the years Toshi Ranbo had spent being swapped between the Lion and the Crane Clan. [1] It was located in the Kurai District. [2]

Night of the Spider Edit

In 1170 during the called Night of the Assassins Doji Jorihime was murdered by unknown assailants. All of them were killed by the Doji House Guard and Jorihime's husband the courtier Doji Nagori. [3]

Shadow Court Edit

In 1172 the gaijin ruhmalist attack to the Empress in the opening of the winter court made it was cancelled. The Crane invited the other Clans to conduct the so-called Shadow Court in the Embassy of the Crane, which was attended by all but the Scorpion. [4]

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