Elemental Terrors

Elemental Terrors

The Elemental Terrors were created by the Dark Oracles in 1126 when they combined their powers with an oni of the Void. The terrors were massive elemental spirits of pure Taint, who taken their names from the Elemental Rings. [1] [2]

Home Edit

The Terrors dwelled in the heart of a dead volcano near the Festering Pit of Fu Leng, [3] known as the Womb of Terror. There, the Terrors had begun creating spawn and sending them out across the spirit realms to deserving minions of Fu Leng. [2]

Abilities Edit

Elemental Terrors had taken no mortal names. They were intelligent and powerful. Terrors could be summoned by Maho-tsukai, but could not be controlled by them. [3] They stood apart from the politics of the Shadowlands Horde and obeyed only their masters, the Dark Oracles. [2]

Lesser Terrors Edit

The Greater and the Lesser Terrors of the same elemental subtype often worked in pairs, with the Lesser Terror scouting for and reporting to the Greater Terror. Lesser Terrors were not true oni, but elemental kansen on the path to becoming oni. When a Lesser Terror fulfilled certain requirements, it became a Greater Terror. [3]

History Edit

Exposed Edit

The Dark Oracles were seen by a scouting party of the nezumi Crippled Bone Tribe. The Terrors discovered them and went berserk, destroying their territory, south of the Festering Pit of Fu Leng. The survivors were chased for days [4] in the same year they had been created. The Terrors reached the Kaiu Kabe, where the Hiruma Scouts first learned of their existance. [1]

Defeated Edit

In 1127 [5] [citation needed] attacked again, now in the new domains of the Crippled Bone, near Rokugan. In the resulting battle, the tribe's chieftain, Mat'tck, was killed. [6] The Nameseeker Te'tik'kir killed the Dark Oracle of Earth in a fierce battle. [7]

Greater Elemental Terrors Edit

Elemental Terrors 2

Elemental Terrors

Lesser Elemental Terrors Edit


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