Mempo of the Void

Mempo of the Void

The two sets of Elemental Nemuranai were attempts of the Oracles of Light to create a balance between good and evil, [1]

First Elemental Nemuranai Edit

Armor of Earth

Armor of Earth

Creation Edit

In 1127 these items were crafted in a valley near the Castle of the Faithful Bride [1] by Iuchi Yogosha and Asako Shingon costing their live's sacrifice. [2] [3] Shingon coaxed kami to occupy the item, slowly infusing it with the essence of an element. Then Yogosha would use his knowledge of Meishodo to erode the object's true name while Shingon contained the kami. The two worked in tandem to craft a katana, a set of armor, a gunsen, a yari, and the last, a mempo, the one of the Void element. [4]

Delivered Edit

These nemuranais were given to various samurai during the Clan War by the Oracles of Light, to compensate for the imbalance caused by the creation of the Dark Oracles' Elemental Terrors. The Dark Oracles sent the Terrors to seize the items, but in every attempt they were defeated. [5]

Item Created By First Used By Currently Used By
Yari of Air Iuchi Yogosha and Asako Shingon Daidoji Tsumerai Unknown
Armor of Earth Iuchi Yogosha and Asako Shingon Otaku Xieng Chi Unknown
Katana of Fire Iuchi Yogosha and Asako Shingon Shiba Tsukune Unknown
Gunsen of Water Iuchi Yogosha and Asako Shingon Bayushi Goshiu Unknown
Mempo of the Void Iuchi Yogosha and Asako Shingon Kitsu Motso Unknown

Second Elemental Nemuranai Edit

In the year 1160, [6] after Fu Leng assaulted the Celestial Heavens, the Celestial Balance was in serious jeopardy. To maintain the balance the Oracles of Light withdrew their influence from Ningen-do. Before they left, however, they gathered together to create a set of nemuranai of pure elemental power that could turn the tides against the forces of darkness. [7] [8] [9]

Item Created By First Used By Currently Used By
Shakuhachi of Air Oracle of Air Ikoma Masote Utaku Mai
Anvil of Earth Oracle of Earth Kitsu Tomoe Isawa Kojiro
Yumi of Fire Isawa Mitori Shinjo Jinturi Mirumoto Kalen
Fortress of Thunder Oracle of Thunder Crane Clan Crane Clan
Daisho of Water Oracle of Water Horiuchi Nobane Matsu Hachiro
Seeds of the Void Oracle of Void Crab Clan Kaiu Onizuka


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