Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Ijeko 
Children: Two un-named sons

Ekaido was a Gokenin of the village of Mimura in the early 12th century. [1] He also managed three other villages. [2]

Demeanor Edit

Ekaido was known for making quick decisions and always had a ready answer, whether or not his answer was the most intelligent or suited for a situation. [2] He was a skilled bushi who devised three original kenjutsu techniques, which he called Breath of Ekaido. [3]

Manipulator Edit

During the Festival of New Year's Day Ekaido used to give gifts to all children turning 10, and choose one child to spend a month in his home learning to care for his prize horses. Ekaido did not care with the welfare of his citizens, but this custom was used by him to appear a man with integrity at court. [4]

Lover Edit

In one of his visits to Otosan Uchi Ekaido fell in love of Doji Norei, a paint artisan. They could not bear the relationship over such a great distance so Ekaido discretely moved her to Mimura, as the noble village painter. [5]

Clan War Edit

During the Clan War he was 39 years old, near his retirement age. The two sons he had with his wife Ijeko were fighting. [2]

Framing a Noble Edit

Ekaido had a great dislike on Ide Kojike, an important Unicorn noble, about how he had been used his family estate at Mimura. In 1125 Kojike was murdered, and Ekaido took the opportunity to frame Kojike's son, Ide Hometsu, who was visiting the village. Ekaido sent his karo to goad Hometsu into drinking. At sunset the karo killed a local peasant woman and planted the corpse in Hometsu's home. The magistrates arrested the young heir, who ejected the offensive noble from the village. [6]


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