Edakumi family
Patron family: Suzume family
Clan: Sparrow Clan
Founded: 5th century
Daimyo: Unknown

The Edakumi family was a vassal family in service to the Suzume family of the Sparrow Clan.

Founding Edit

Doji Edakumi was an artisan friend to the founder of the Sparrow Clan, Doji Suzume. Edakumi was patroned by his friend, who wished to give joy to those who lived in such difficult lands. He began to show his masterpieces, followed with artisan lessons. The Suzume were so amused that Edakumi quickly became the most beloved guest in the Suzume Hills. He joined the Sparrow through marriage, and was granted his own vassal family, dedicated to give joy to the Sparrow through creation and discovery of the beauty behind the art itself. [1]

Edakumi Daimyo Edit

Doji Edakumi 5th century


  1. Emerald Empire: Third Edition, p. 98

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