The Ebonite Principles were the leaders of the Order of the Ebon Hand.

Origin Edit

A group of veteran warriors became the leaders of the Ebonites. They left their names behind and were known by the dominant characteristic of their personalities, in a bizarre reflection of the abilities possessed by the entity within the stone, entity known as the Lying Darkness in Rokugan. [1] In doing so, they became something slightly more than human, and steeled their soul against manipulation from even the darkest forces. Each individual represented one of the principles revered by the Ebonites. [2]

Ritual Edit

The Ebonites recruited a powerful sorcerer, who was the first who researched the Stone, with dedication and force of will. He developed a ritual that allowed a individual to take a small amount of the power inside the Stone. In return, they lost a small part of his identity. The sorcerer was the first, and his real name was forgotten, and only remained the name he adopted, Will. [3]

If the Principles exemplified the choosen virtue, their soul was the personificacion of the Ebon Stone and they endured even the worst corruption. [4]

Virtues Edit

When a Principle died, if they had been worthy, they became a Virtue. They could watch their former companions, and even they were contacted after a proper ritual and praying was performed. [5]

Known Principles Edit

Known Technique Edit


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