The Ebonite Code was a conduct and philosophical manual which was followed by the Ebonites. All members of the Order were required to memorize it during the first years of training. The Ebonites spent their lives in study of the text and its virtues in the Temple of the Black Stone. [1]

Basic beliefs Edit

There were five basic beliefs in the code. [1]

  • Endure your inner darkness: Ebonite Templars must contan their vices, and they should purge themselves of them during their years of training.
  • Do not tolerate the inner darkness: There is weakness in the rest of the world, and those who oppress others should be erradicated.
  • Protect the weak: Those who cannot defend themselves should be protected from opportunists. The strong have the responsibility to aid the weak.
  • Support your brethren: All the Templars have passed the Test of the Ebon Stone, becoming servants of the Order until death. A Templar is never alone. He must aid others of the Order even at the cost of his own life.
  • Be honest: the most simple and most difficult to follow. Deceit is an unaceptable weakness. Falsehood in words or deeds will permit the inner darkness to gain control of one's soul.


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