The East Wing was the East part of the Hundred Stances Dojo, the place where the shrine of Oshiro, the ronin who developed the Hundred Stances style. [1]

Seppun Quarters Edit

The private quarters of the Seppun administrator, usually a Seppun Shugenja, and his attendants. The area was decorated with tasteful paintings, sculptures, and ikebana. It was rumored that the administrator's quarters included escape tunnels leading away from the building. [1]

The Sensei's Quarters Edit

The Sensei's personal quarters were the most extensive in the building, slightly bigger than the Seppun administrator's. The meeting room was decorated with a pair of swords with handles burnt black displayed on the wall, recovered from the ruins of the original dojo by Akodo Kentsu, who rebuilt the dojo, and might have belonged to the ronin who created the Hundred Stances style, Oshiro, or to Bayushi Sawao, the man who first discovered Oshiro's scrolls and founder of the original dojo, or one of Sawao's students. [2]


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