Please note: This article is about the wakizashi. For other uses of the term, please see Earth (disambiguation).
Earth (wakizashi)
Created by: Asahina
First used by: Kakita family
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

The wakizashi Earth was a gift to the Kakita family in 353 after Asahina's marriage, joining him to the Crane Clan. It was a part of a daisho with the katana Heaven. They were made with chips of obsidian and jade which were alloyed into their metal. Each of the tsuba were forged from shakudo, a blend of copper and gold, and each weapon had the Rokugani characters for heaven and earth inscribed on their tsuba. The spirit of Earth was more basic than Heaven, less noble and less idealistic. It embodied the essence of passing time, as the fleeting traits of man pass across the face of the Earth. [1]

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  1. Way of the Crane, p. 118

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