The Dynasties of Rokugan were the ruling lines of Emperors and Empresses.

Hantei Dynasty Edit

The first dynasty of Rokugan was started by the Kami Hantei after the Fall of the Kami. Under the rule of Hantei and his siblings the Empire was formed. Hantei and his descendants ruled the Empire for over a thousand years.

Toturi Dynasty Edit

Following the death of the last Hantei Emperor Hantei XXXIX during the Clan War and Second Day of Thunder, the Empire was left leaderless. The ronin Toturi, once Akodo Toturi, had been one of the Seven Thunders and instrumental in the victory over Fu Leng on the Second Day of Thunder. The Empire rallied under his rule, and so began the Toturi Dynasty.

Iweko Dynasty Edit

Following the death of Emperor Toturi III in 1168 the Empire disolved into chaos. After two years of internal conflict the new Dynasty was determined by a Celestial Tournament. The Celestial Heavens used the tournament to determine the person most worthy to become Emperor, which resulted in Kitsuki Iweko becoming Empress Iweko I.

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